Getting Started with Microsoft Forms

If you haven’t’ looked at Microsoft Forms lately, you really need to check it out.  Microsoft has add a lot of new features and optimization to make forms one of the best free assessment tools a teacher can use.  Forms is super easy to get started using, especially if you have used Google Forms.  In fact, the layout makes you feel right at home if you are a Google forms user.  Now you might ask, “Why would i use Microsoft forms instead of Google forms?”  That’s actually a pretty good question.  Google forms has a lot of good features, but in this most recent update Microsoft Forms has really tipped the scales toward Microsoft forms.  I could actually write a whole post on the differences, but i am just going to list some key features of Microsoft forms that make it the winner in my opinion.

  • Math editor – this is huge for math teachers.  There are very few learning management systems that have good math or equation editors.  Usually you are stuck with inserting a picture, or awful equations like this 2/3x+7=10.
  • Setting the testing window – Now Microsoft Forms allows teachers to set the time the test opens up for responses and when it closes.  I think this is very important to keep students from looking around at the test before they need to see it.  The only issue with this feature is that you can only set the start and stop times to the hour.  I would like to have the ability to set the times to the minute.
  • Auto Grading – If you are keeping up with Google Forms, then you know that Google has recently added this feature to their forms as well, but in my opinion Microsoft Forms makes it easier for teachers to set up a quiz with an answer key and provide feedback to students.  In Google Forms there is a bit of navigating that has to be done to accomplish setting the key, whereas in Microsoft Forms it can be done as you create your test item.
  • Collaboration and Sharing – I think collaboration is key for teachers and Microsoft Forms does a great job at making it easy to work with other teachers on a form.  When your team is done, forms also make it easy to share a copy of the form for each contributor.  The copy has its own data, so you don’t have to sort through everyone’s responses to find your students.

These quizzes can be embedded into OneNote, Google Classroom, or on your class site.Here is an outline of the basic steps to get a quiz started. You can also watch a video tutorial here.

1. Go to and sign in.

2. From the log in page click the waffle in the top left of the page. Then click “Forms” from the list. You can alternately just click “forms” from the use the online apps section of the homepage.


3. Now you will see a page of all your forms. At this page you have two options. You can create a “New Form” or a “New Quiz”. The Form would be just for a survey. The quiz will give you the ability to make the questions self-grading. Let’s click on “New Quiz”


4. Now you are in the list of questions, so let’s start adding questions. Do this by clicking the Add questions button.


5. You will see four question types. The “Choice” question type is the only one that is automatically graded. The other three types are presented for review after the student finishes the form. We will look at that more later. Select “Choice”


6. Now start to construct your first quiz item. Select the correct answer by clicking “correct answer” on the far right.


7. You can make a question that has multiple answers by toggling the “multiple answers” switch at the bottom of the question.


8. Be sure to toggle the “Required” switch. The will not let the student submit the form without answering the question.

9. When you are happy with your question, just add another by clicking the add question button at the bottom left. Add as many questions as you want.clip_image012

10. Don’t forget to give your quiz a name. Do this by clicking “untitled Quiz” at the top


11. Now that you have a quiz created you are ready to share with your students. Click “Send Form” at the top right of the screen.


12. You have several options here. The easiest is to copy the link and paste it into your class notebook.

Just click “Copy” for the link and then share it wherever you want

You can even assign it using Google Classroom. Just paste the link into a new assignment and you are set.


The really nice thing about pasting the link into OneNote is that your students can take the quiz directly within OneNote

Just paste your link in the OneNote page


OneNote automatically processes and embeds the link. The great thing is that on the Online version – the quiz is in this box.


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